Plastic products have only one life, they rarely get a second chance. Polyfloss uses a unique plastic recycling process, based on the principles of a candy-floss machine, to turn waste plastic into new products.

Need Identification

There are very few insulation products that can be manufactured throughout the country using locally sourced materials and therefore the market for this kind of product is underdeveloped, meaning that domestic heat-loss prevention using insulation and commercial cold storage are un affordable for most people. Nepal also has a massive plastic waste problem. Currently there are few alternatives to burning and burying the waste, leading to environmental problems and what little recycling there is takes place in an ad hoc manner. There is currently no viable internal market for plastic waste and therefore no incentives (or means) to recycle or dispose of plastics responsibly.



If a market for plastic waste were to exist, currently discarded, dumped and burned plastics would have a monetary value. The more the market for products made from Polyfloss developed the higher in value the waste would become. Developing the supply-side, through establishing a local production capacity, and developing the demand-side through engaging budget holders and the business community, would lead to conditions where plastic waste recycling was a viable commercial enterprise providing livelihoods whilst delivering products for those that need them most, for instance in shelter applications.


Polyfloss and Field Ready have an international team working on product development and manufacturing methods and there are already products in production using the Polyfloss wool. This project aims to develop some Nepal-specific applications and products using locally manufactured Polyfloss and test the results in situ.


 Scaling involves establishing a viable production capacity, product range and convening demand-side actors to establish a thriving market for Polyfloss products.




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