24 FEB 2017

A session on: Resiliency-building infrastructure and landscape.


Pursued with support from the Lab’s ‘Explore Ideas’ program, this project explores alternative resiliency-building infrastructure and landscape in a flood-prone valley along Andhikhola in Syangja District. We believe that the physical landscape, often neglected in planning and design, is a critical component in resiliency building. We also believe that the design and implementation of landscape and infrastructure must respond to place-based knowledge and context.

At this session, we will present the two components of this work:
1) a place-neutral community engagement, landscape design, and implementation strategy

2) a vision for a resiliency-build landscape in this valley. In addition to a presentation, we are interested in having a discussion on the merits, missed opportunities, and other feedback on the presented content.

We know that this project is a necessary shift in resiliency-building infrastructure proposal, and your feedback is necessary in helping us build its relevancy.